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Theatre in the time of Corona

How to get your daily dose of theatre while in isolation

There are still plenty of ways to access theatre during these troublesome times - via technology. More and more material is being made accessible every day.

Although streaming theatre is a different experience to a live performance (and somemight argue a useless exercise – more about this in my upcoming post focusing on whether NT live is a good idea), it is currently the best option. Besides, if it’s a choice between theatre and no theatre, I know in a heartbeat which one I’d pick. This crisis is changing our routines in every walk of life, but I suspect we will find more theatre will be available online in the years to come.

In the meantime, the best ways to support theatre right now:

  • Don't ask for ticket refunds

  • Buy theatre tokens

  • Watch online theatre

Here are some of the best theatre productions online:


This group of actors is performing all of Shakespeare’s plays (in order) via Zoom. Two Gentleman of Verona is the first one out. It is mainly there for listening because each actor is in his/her own home but still a wonderful project.

Read more about it here:


This is a collaboration between the Theatre Café and Lambert Jackson Productions to keep actors employed and to give audiences something to look forward to when they can’t leave their home. The project consists of a series of piano concerts streamed live from The Theatre Café, London. The line-up is posted every week and for a small fee (around £7) you can watch the artists of your choosing.

For more information and to book a ticket click here:

MARQUEE TV (Personal Favourite)

Marquee TV is a streaming platform similar to Netflix but specifically for ballet, opera, theatre and dance. There is a monthly subscription but they are offering a thirty day free trial in the current circumstances. There is a whole array of options, including: La Traviata, RSC: The Tempest, An Oscar Wilde Season and plenty more.

To subscribe click the link:

I AND YOU – Hampstead Theatre (FREE)

The Hampstead Theatre is putting a film of the production of 'I and You' on its IGTV channel. This can be accessed until 29th March free of charge on their Instagram page. I will try to put a review of this 2018 production up soon.


The Royal Opera house have dug into their archives and are now offering a program of free online shows on specific dates via their Facebook and Youtube channels:

  • Peter and the Wolf, The Royal Ballet, 2010 – 27 March 2020, 7pm GMT

  • Acis and Galatea, The Royal Opera, 2009 – 3 April 2020, 7pm BST

  • Così fan tutte, The Royal Opera, 2010 – 10 April 2020, 7pm BST

  • The Metamorphosis, The Royal Ballet, 2013 – 17 April 2020, 7pm BST

Click the link for more information:


I am currently part of a Whatsapp group entitled: The Show Must Go On. We are a group of like-minded theatre lovers who want to keep ‘going to the theatre’! We identify plays/theatre to watch, all press play at the same time and then discuss the show in a group chat. We have already come together to watch:

‘Eugenius’, The Other Palace (

‘Wind and The Willows’ (

Message me if you would like to be added to the group.


If you are looking for a Shakespeare overload, check out the Globe Player. Here you can find some of the Globe’s productions online for a small fee. There are also documentaries about Shakespeare available.

Click the link for more.


For a subscription of £9.99 a month you can have access to a large archive of wondeful plays, musicals and more. Including: Funny Girl, The Crucible, All My Sons and lots of the classics. This is similar to Marquee TV but with different productions.

For more information click the link.


NT Live have announced that they will stream archive footage of shows at 7pm every Thursday on Youtube. (starting Thursday 2nd April)

The first four shows to be shown are:

  • One Man, Two Guvnors

  • Jane Eyre

  • Treasure Island

  • Twelfth Night

If you know of anything to add - contact me!


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