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Paul Currie: TEET 4* (Edinburgh Fringe Review)

The Hive - The Big Cave. 7:00pm

Prepare to be super f**king confused for the entire duration of Paul Currie’s weird and hilarious absurdist comedy show. Nothing really makes any sense but then again, trying to explain what makes something funny is always an ill-fated quest. Currie could give the masterclass in performativity and showpersonship, and you can’t help but laugh when even they start to call into question the random sketches that they're performing.

"Hilarity, weirdness, cynicism and life-affirming laughter."

The performance was peppered with moments of profundity in which Currie explained to us why we, humans, are still merely suckling on the teet of mother nature and have so much more evolution to do. Rants at the ridiculousness of racism, gender and so forth ensue.

(Paul Currie: TEET)

If you want hilarity, weirdness, cynicism and life-affirming laughter on topics that range from pressing matters to completely irrelevant brain vomit, then this show does not disappoint. I for one will definitely be attending one of Currie’s shows again. I have too many questions for that to be the first and last time I see them perform. And if not for any other reason, get yourself to this show to laugh at an Irish clown dressed in spandex for the best part of an hour!


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